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Story is history

Trunacy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports filmmakers in telling their stories and families in preserving their histories.

We focus our support on the personal, the local, and the underrepresented. We do this primarily through making grants to filmmakers, archiving/preserving historically significant assets, and creating/sharing educational resources.

Filmmaker Development Program

Our flagship initiative will be our Filmmaker Development Program.

This program will be an annual, application-based mentorship that will provide early-career filmmakers with consultation and educational resources. Recipients will also be eligible for the Trunacy Documentary Filmmaking grant.


Mission and History

Our mission is to provide support for independent filmmakers, families, and individuals in order to foster community, equality, and positive social change in America.

Trunacy derives its name from the words Truth, Transparency, and Lunacy. We believe all three are critical to effective storytelling.

Whether embarking on an ambitious documentary film or working to preserve a precious piece of family history, it is the pursuit of truth that guides us, the commitment to transparency that shields us, and the sometimes crazy but essential dedication to our craft that drives us.

Trunacy was founded in December of 2019 by Stu Pollard (who also runs Lunacy Productions), as a way to contribute resources and experience to filmmakers, families, and like minded non-profit organizations. Lunacy Productions has a history of creative, high-impact independent filmmaking with a rough-and-ready approach. It is with this ethos, in combination with a pursuit of true, intimate stories, that Trunacy operates.

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